Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning


  • Power Washing
  • 3 Phases Construction Cleaning
  • New House / Construction Final Detailed Cleaning
  • Post-renovation and tenant improvement cleaning
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Detailed interior cleaning
  • Wall/ Drywall dusting

Why Is Post Renovation Cleanup Important?

While some do it to satisfy legal requirements, such as the removal of debris from the yard, it is important to note that new or renovated homes and buildings need thorough cleaning in both their interiors and exteriors in order to:

  1. Keep the ducts clean– even when the contractors do their best work, it is inevitable that some dust and debris will still make its way into the building ductwork. This can pose serious problems for individuals who are sensitive to dust or suffer from respiratory ailments. Clogged ducts can also increase your energy bill.
  2. Reduce subsequent cleaning costs– dust and debris in the construction zone should be collected before anyone begins to occupy or use that space. Thorough cleaning is usually done in only day without fear that anyone present will be disturbed by the commotion. Failure to remove the dust means that you will be constantly cleaning construction dust after you have occupied the building.
  3. Cleaning the windows– clean windows are important to let in natural light, provide a clear view of the outside for employee morale, and make the environment inviting for clients and customers.
  4. Cleaning the cabinets and drawers– all closets, drawers, and cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned before filling them with items, to ensure that the environment does not degrade or interfere with the quality of those items.
  5. Ensure that all areas are usable– it is important that all areas of your home or building be in usable state when you move in, to make the entry process much easier. For instance, the kitchen must be clean before you can arrange the appliances, and the bathroom fixtures must be clean before they can be used.
  6. Ensure safety– besides sensitivities to dust, debris or grit on the floors can pose danger, especially when children are involved.

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